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WHO WE ARE is a global network of integrated media services, planning and implementing campaigns in 34 Countries..

We are an international PR firm with the right skills to manage communication activities around the globe, to most effectively create interest from print and broadcast media.

Our business is to help clients form relationships with a Glocal approach, optimizing budgets and offering the best solutions for each country.



Public Relations is at the heart of what we do. delivers high impact media and public relations programmes for clients all over the world, ensuring that the content is taylored for each country to deliver that essential cut through.

We help clients navigate a complex environment where multiple stakeholders are influencing decisions, and working together we discover powerful new ways to communicate with their target audience, creating and enhancing brand awareness.



We send your Press Release to editors and reporters at newspapers, magazines, trade publications, TV, radio, and to thousands of popular news sites.

Our media list is divided into categories so that we can target the journalists that are looking for Press Releases on your topic. Read More Details...

We target individual journalists from our list of media contacts (.see countries.), and each Press Release is sent by itself, not grouped together with other Press Releases.

We give you the option of sending your Press Release (.distribution.) or we can also write your Press Release in a way to most effectively create interest from print and broadcast media (.distribution combo.).

Don't be deceived by the services that only post your Press Release online without sending it to any journalists, reporters or editors.


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